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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Our Top Five Reasons why we Love Winter
Written by Anya Russom

There is no bad time of year to visit the zoo, but if you ask the staff, they’ll tell you that winter makes for one of the best, most personal experiences with both the animals and the natural landscape. Here are our top five reasons why we love winter zoo visits:

Number 5: A naturally quaint and picturesque landscape!

What better place to appreciate the beauty of winter than at the Lake Superior Zoo? Watch with wonder as snowflakes, dreamy and quiet, fall slowly down to earth. With glazed trees glistening and frosted stones sparkling, the zoo makes a perfect outing for families, lovers, and friends alike. And don’t worry: we take extra precaution to ensure that our pathways are as ice-free as possible!

Number 4: End of the season admissions rates!

As a special treat for all of our wonderful supporters who brave the cold to visit us this winter, we are extending our end of the year rates until the end of January, 2013! Enjoy all the benefits of the zoo at a discounted rate! Children’s rates (ages 3-12) will be $4, adults (ages 13-61) will be $8 and seniors (ages 62 and older) will be $7. Remember, this special will only last through the end of January, so be sure to visit soon!

Number 3: Sledding!

Did you know that the zoo has a natural sledding hill? We invite all of our patrons to bring in their favorite sleds and snowsuits and take the plunge! Every admission to the zoo allows for free, unlimited sledding on the hillside by our Animal Care Center! Be advised- the sledding hill is unstaffed by zoo personnel, so please slide at your own risk, and be mindful of other participants! (We are unable to provide sledding equipment)

Number 2: No crowds!

If you’ve visited us in the summer, you may have been frustrated by busy exhibits with limited viewing space. Winter time is exactly the opposite! Most days are very quiet and allow for extremely personal, one-on-one experiences with your favorite animals! Strollers are readily available, daily enrichments are scarcely attended, and exhibit windows are all but unoccupied, leaving you free to take your time and enjoy all that our zoo has to offer!

Number 1: The animals LOVE winter!

What other reason is there? The melted cats and droopy bears of summer transform into wildly lively and playful characters. Experience the thrill of being stalked by a snow leopard; hear the howl of our wolves as they chase and prowl; feel the exhilaration of being charged by a tiger. Even our lions like colder weather! The truth is, most of our large animals come from colder weather regions and are more active in cooler temperatures. Still, even the big guys sometimes get cold, and to help offset the chill, each large carnivore has a heated rock placed within their exhibit. In cases of extreme cold, indoor holdings are left open for the critters to soak up some warmth. In fact, the only animals that remain off exhibit during the winter are our red kangaroos. They like to play in snow, but only on their terms, so you’ll have to wait until temps hit 50 degrees.

There you have it! Five reasons why we wouldn’t choose any other season to visit the zoo! With a beautiful setting, lower admission rates, a lack of crowds, and active animals, what more can you ask for? The zoo is open from 10:00-4:00 daily (last admission is at 3:00PM), so break out those boots, hats, mittens, and scarves and come on down to the wildest place in Duluth!

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