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Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Future of Frogs"

The zoo's newest exhibit officially opens to the public tomorrow, Friday, March 11th! "What is this exhibit?" you ask. The Lake Superior Zoo is hosting “Future of Frogs,” an Animal Interaction Design Group (AIDG) exhibit. The display is housed in the Primate Conservation Center and will be open to the public through September 11th.

This exciting display highlights the delicate future of the world’s frog population and the impact frogs have on our ecosystems. The display exhibits several species of frogs from around the world, including White’s Tree Frogs, Poison Dart Frogs, Vietnamese Mossy Frogs, Fire-bellied Toads and American Bull Frogs.

The display also includes non-living interactive components:
-A frog vocalization kiosk featuring both audio and visual clips of eight frog species
-An interactive touch screen that explains the reasons for the global decline of frogs
-a giant replica of an American Bull Frog, suitable for climbing and taking pictures
-Jump Like a Frog- an educational activity about the challenges frogs face in order to survive
-Frogs, Nature’s Pest Control System- a puzzle about what frogs eat and how they help people

Hop on in to explore the wondrous world of frogs and learn about the challenges they face. From tiny dart frogs to giant bull frogs - there's something to see, something to learn and something to do for kids of all ages.

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