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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Membership: Your Gateway to The Wild
Written by: Ashley Stalvig

With the effects of the recession still very real, Northlanders are seeking high value goods at low prices. We want the most bang for our buck, as they say, and with good cause! Did you know a family membership to the Lake Superior Zoo is only $55 a year? That breaks down to less than $4 a month!

If a family of four visited the zoo every day it would cost $9,672.00! If the same family visited once a week they would spend $ 1,352.00, and to visit once a month it would cost them $312.00. With a membership each scenario would cost only $55!

However, a zoo membership is more than just a seasonal family pass! Not in an overwhelming and scary way, however. When I think of the word membership sometimes visions of a tedious 10 year commitment of paying surprise fees comes to mind. However, this is not true of zoo memberships!

A zoo membership lasts for just over a year and comes with many benefits:
· Free admission (except at fundraising events)
· A 10% discount at the Tiger’s Paw Gift Shop
· A 10% discount at the Safari Café
· 25% off train rides- with purchase of train pass available only to members
· Discounted rates for birthday parties
· Free admission to Members’ only events
· Free adult admission to Boo at the Zoo
· 4 publications of the Wild Times Newsletter (with coupons)
· Discounted registration fees for camps and classes
· Emailed notifications and invitations to special events (optional)
· Free or discounted admission to over 130 zoos in the USA and Canada
o Half off at the Great Lakes Aquarium and MN Zoo
· 1 Free stroller or wagon rental per visit, if available
· The satisfaction that you are helping to preserve the zoo and its conservation mission for future generations.

When the year is completed renewal is optional and hassle free! If your family grows or changes you are not limited to a one-size-fits most membership. Several membership levels allow you to customize your membership to fit your family’s needs.

Don’t just take my word for how great membership is! Here are a few statements from other zoo members.

“Thank you for giving us an educational outlet close to home.” –Alison G.

“…The zoo adds to the quality of life of not only Duluth, but the surrounding area. It provides a place where we can learn about the various species on hand, to ideally respect them, and their place on our ever shrinking planet…” –Roger P.

“…Even though we go to the zoo almost monthly throughout the whole year, [my kids] always see something new and learn something about the animals. We get exercise walking, have quality family time, laugh at the animal antics and I enjoy it almost more than my kids do…”
-Deb, Amanda & Luke L.

Well, there you have it. Join the zoo family and see what you discover through your gateway to the wild!

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Monday, October 25, 2010

New Animal Additions
Written by: Ashley Stalvig

It’s always exciting to add new animals to our zoo family and this summer/fall has been especially exciting! The addition of six new and varying creatures has livened up our animal collection here at the Lake Superior Zoo.

Three young ring-tailed lemurs, Sterling, Titan, and Colby are front and center in the old lemur exhibit in the Primate Conservation Center. The male is almost three years old and the twin sisters, who are unrelated to the male, are almost two. They are on loan to us from a small zoo in Minnesota. They are continually getting more comfortable with their new surroundings and we are excited to see them grow and play together.

A second muntjac, Elmer, has joined Ethel and the pheasants in the main building exhibit. Elmer is six months old, and will have antlers when he is full grown. We are excited to see him mature into a handsome adult. When full grown he will be approximately 37 inches tall, only slightly taller than Ethel is currently!

Many of you are familiar with Petrie the white skunk we received a few months back, but what Petrie doesn’t yet know is that there’s a new skunk in town! Penelope, a five month old skunk is currently living in the Griggs Learning Center with the education animals. When she has grown she will be joining Petrie in his outdoor exhibit. For now, she is learning to forage for food and hunt for bugs; skills that will come in handy outdoors. Petrie and Penelope are both social animals and will greatly enjoy each others’ company.

Then there’s Darla, a seven year old registered miniature horse that has joined our beloved barnyard friends. Darla is on loan to us from a private farm, and has been an energetic addition to our petting zoo and to Boo at the Zoo. She’s still learning to graciously accept those yummy pellets from eager children so as always, keep your hand flat when feeding any of the barnyard animals!

Keep your eyes open next time you visit the zoo and you’ll probably spot these friendly new faces!

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